Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best Rooftop Patio in Vancouver?

 I just got back from an epic road trip to and from Manitoba combined with a side trip to Edmonton to meet my brand new niece. Now it's back to work and I'm pumped. My new site is live. Check it. I'll post more on that process soon. Now that I'm in town again things are already hoppin'. I'll be working with a few new clients this month. Lets get it on. 

The below tear came out a few weeks ago for Canadian Business. They needed a business looking patio shot at Reflections, the roof top bar/restaurant on the Hotel Georgia. It looks pretty real doesn't it? Well, the patio is real and worth checking out. The people are real too...although not in the sense that they were actually having a Friday afternoon drink. They are all employees of the Hotel Georgia! Don't tell anyone. 


Alexi said...

Hahaha! Way to work with what's on hand! :)