Monday, April 2, 2012

Available Now: Mammoth and Co. Limited Edition Prints

 Troy Moth over at Mammoth and Co. has an interesting thing going on. Although I've never met him in person, I'm pretty sure we would get along. He was "born in a remote tree planting camp"! How do you like that? Also, I want to take over his cabin in the woods on Vancouver Island, disappearing amongst the cedars to chop fire wood and work on my beard. Not only is Troy a fantastic photographer with an international client list but he now runs this great little art print company out of a barn near Victoria, BC.

Along with my old blogging companion, Jaime Hogge, I have a couple of limited edition prints available at Mammoth and Co. Check here and here for your choices.

I'd throw some money down on this magnificent Jamie Hogge storm:

©Jaime Hogge

SNAP! ...or this Troy Moth cosmic sighting:
 ©Troy Moth