Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mike Horn for Montecristo

Oh, hello blog. You've taken a bit of a back seat to the ol' tumblr over there. It's just that you're a little slow, less user friendly and don't really work in a way that encourages community involvement. Don't worry though because I'll continue to show you some love.

Below are the tears from the latest Montecristo. Cover action! Thanks Mark, for the work, and Craig for being a great travel companion.You can read more about this amazing assignment in an earlier post here and on Montecristo's website. File this under 2011- Awesome Jobs.


Alexi said...

Cover action! Nice one! I'm not in the least surprised though, you had so many great cover options. Looks amazing.

Grant Harder - Vancouver Photographer - portrait, travel and life said...

Thanks Alexi!