Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mike Horn and Pangaea for Montecristo

As I rethink, relive and take account of what’s happened in the last year I’m both amazed and thrilled that life has gone the way it has (she married me!). Is it too early in December for a 2011 recap? Ok, maybe, but I will say that my most recently published work is a fitting end to a satisfying year. This past summer I was sent on assignment by Montecristo Magazine to cover a three-day sailing journey through the San Juan Islands. This wasn’t just any sailing trip though as we were traveling aboard the vessel of world-renowned explorer Mike Horn. He’s kind of a big deal (…circumnavigated the equator by his own power, without any support he navigated the entire length of the Amazon River only using a hydrospeed and oh, there was the time he circumnavigated the Arctic Circle by boat, ski kite, kayak and on foot. It took 2 years! 8000m peaks without supplemental oxygen? Done). Photographically this assignment was full of nuggets but more than that it was an opportunity to spend time with Mike, his full time crew and a temporary crew of kids. The sea was calm and our days sunny. During the day we would sail and go on mini adventures. In the evenings Mike would chat with the kids (and me!) about where’s he’s been, what he’s seen and where he’s going. To say that Mike is inspirational is to put it very lightly. Basically, he believes he and every other person on the planet are capable of anything and everything. Sound cliché? –Not when you’re aboard the Pangaea and not when it’s coming from Mike Horn. His outlook is infectious and he leads by example. Just ask India’s 2011 World Cup champion cricket team. I’ve never met anyone like him in my life -intense yet genuine, kind and thoughtful. It was my birthday during the trip and when he found out he shook my hand so firmly (and happily) that my arm nearly ripped out of its socket. No joke. It was a great birthday. 

I encourage you to read the Montecristo article, written by Craig David Long, and to check out Mike Horn’s website. If you know of anyone aged 15-20 that is interested in adventure, the environment, exploration and more I would highly recommend looking into Mike's Young Explorers Program.

Thank you to Mark and Craig at Montecristo for the amazing opportunity.  


Alexi said...

I for one think you did the man justice Grant. The photos are absolutely stunning. That shot from the top of the mast is insane! It must've been such a fun assignment. Congrats.

Grant Harder - Vancouver Photographer - portrait, travel and life said...

Thanks Alexi. Yea, it was a great assignment. I can now cross off the list "shooting from the top of a sailboat mast".

d said...

Wow what a dream assignment Grant, nice work!