Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who wants a Walmart in Salmon Arm?

Check the last Report on Business for a feature on the future development of Walmart in Salmon Arm, BC. As the opening of a Walmart is in any city- it's controversial. Salmon Arm in particular is a significant story as the proposed site is on a delicate flood plain (see opening spread below) and is adjacent to First Nations Land. I was in Salmon Arm for a few days, mostly shooting portraits but also hunting relentlessly for the below view point of the city and surrounding area. This was followed by a less than 24 hour visit to Toronto to photograph Mitch Goldhar, owner of SmartCenters and developer of Walmart. You can read the article here.

Favorite quotes from the job:
"If you want to see your neighbors in Salmon Arm, just go to the Walmart in Vernon on a Sunday"
-Mayor Bootsma

"We’re just building what we’re told to build by the Canadian consumer...Sometimes people don’t like to see what they look like in the mirror..."
-Mitch Goldhar  

Whoa! Mitch- I don't remember ever being consulted on the matter. That being said you did serve up a freshly-made-on-site-surprise-sit-down-quinoa and trout lunch in your gigantic office for both Rico and myself.

Big thanks to Clare at R.O.B. for the job. It's great when you can do what you love to do and marry it to an interesting story with passionate characters.
Mayor (former as of last weekend) of Salmon Arm, Marty Bootsma:
Leader of the opposition, Dr. Warren Bell:


Alexi said...

Yessssssss, killer shot of the area! I also like their layout. Clare is awesome eh!