Wednesday, August 31, 2011

THE FAR END OF THE LAKE (it's a promo)

Where do you spend your marketing money? It's easy to spend way too much time thinking about the possibilities and ultimately not doing much at all. I knew I needed some help with this and so contacted Vancouver designer, Peter Ladd. I was looking for a promo piece that was simple yet special, enticing but not complicated or contrived. It needed to represent my work- touching on portraits, details and spaces with an obvious angle leaning towards tourism and travel. My budget was limited, that's for damn sure. I decided that new gear could wait and that marketing would be a better place to invest my money.

This is what Peter came up with. It's starts off as a 4X6 clear sleeve with copy and a cropped view of a caribou head. Then you pull out the head and unfold the paper revealing the full caribou photo on one side and multiple photos, a quote and my info on the other. Unfolded, the size is 11X18 inches. We saved some money by applying the copy and placing the folded paper in the clear sleeves ourselves. We only made 150 and have so far mailed out around 100 to a very targeted list. All in all I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Thank you Peter. I'm also thankful to work for a magazine like enRoute who puts me in situations where I can create work that I am truly proud of and want to share with potential clients.

I've made a couple of changes to my website to coincide with the piece. You should check it out.

Money well spent? Time will tell. Really it's just one more piece to the puzzle that is running a sustainable business.
Photos ©Peter Ladd


Rachel Anastasia said...

I think it's really lovely and striking -- definitely something I would be inspired to pull out and explore. That photo of the couple in front of the lake just kills me, it's so sweet.

Grant Harder - Vancouver Photographer - portrait, travel and life said...

Thanks Rachel.