Friday, August 26, 2011

Back on the Scene

The last month has been insane...what with working in Peru, Salmon Arm and Vancouver with great returning clients like enRoute, Report on Business and Vancouver Mag and new client, American Airlines...and then there was this other fairly significant thing...

...Paige and I are now MARRIED!

As of right now this is what I have to show of getting married (visually anyways...If I could harness my happiness, fortune, sweat, tears, family, friends and luck in a photo I would post that):
This is what I can show from my trip to Salmon Arm (a souvenir from a great vintage store downtown. I wanted to get married in a suit like this but Paige wasn't feeling it):
And this from Peru:


m said...

Congrats Grant. It is great tosee that you are so happy!

Alexi said...

Congratulations Grant! Looking forward to seeing more! :)

Grant Harder - Vancouver Photographer - portrait, travel and life said...

Thanks m (?) and Alexi!