Monday, March 28, 2011

Amanda Pitre-Hayes for Montecristo Magazine

I was pleased to get a call from Mark Reynolds, AD at Montecristo. The job entailed photographing Amanda Pitre-Hayes, the new Director of Sustainability with The City of Vancouver. The suggested location was the neighborhood of Strathcona, which is where Amanda lives. I also happen to live in Strathcona so the commute consisted of walking four doors down the street to meet at The Wilder Snail Cafe. I had scouted a few zones before hand so Amanda and I essentially just strolled through our 'hood, chatting and taking photos. How's that for a great assignment?

 "I'm excited to find that sweet spot where there's public will, a motivated group and a vision to push the envelope in terms of what's being done in the sustainability world."  - Amanda Pitre-Hayes

Check out Montecristo for great design, use of photography, local content and print quality...this month's cover, shot by Michelle Ford, is fantastic.

Thanks Amanda and Mark!

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