Monday, June 21, 2010

The Paris Quintet - a prequel - June 24th

Support is encouraged for a prequel that is screening this Thursday the 24th. The creators of The Paris Quintet in Practice Makes Perfect are looking to raise some money to help get the cast and crew over to Paris this coming September to shoot the feature.

"Five men on the brink of something great. Shoe polish, fresh suits, a
french dictionary, and some q-tips. Now they just need money for the
plane tickets. The film follows five men in matching suits living in a
tiny apartment in Paris in love with the same woman."

The details: June 24th / 330 W. Pender St. / doors at 7:00PM / 10 bones

Thanks to photographer/cinematographer Shea Pollard for passing this on. Shea is the cinematographer involved with the production.