Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cover - Pulp and Paper Canada

It's always interesting to see how the final image is used:

A big thank you to Cindy Macdonald, at Pulp and Paper Canada, for giving me the opportunity to shoot the cover of the trade magazine. As well, thanks to the fellas at Kruger Products for their cooperation.

High vis-vest ACTION:


Tony Fouhse said...

I keep 2 of these in my trunk. They give you automatic control. We've worn them to stop traffic on busy city streets (totally guerilla) and all the traffic comes to a halt and patiently waits. And stuff like that. They are, for sure, a great foto accessory.

Grant Blogs Harder said...

Yes! And pylons too. I have been meaning to pick a couple of those up. Nobody messes with a high-vis-wearin'-pylon-totin' crew.