Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's True:

This is kind of fun. Food delivered on bikes = FAST FOOD COURIERS. Go here.

From their website:

For the food + service industry we charge businesses a flat rate (based on the volume and frequency of delivery) for access to our network of riders.

The restaurants on our menu take orders from top of the hour until the 35 minute mark.

The Restaurant prepares the food.

We pick up the orders hot at the top of the hour, and dispatch in the route that makes the most sense for keeping food hot.

Our riders charge you a delivery charge of $2.25 / per-menu-item, on top of what the restaurant charges you for the food.

We buy from the restaurant. You buy from us, including the delivery charge. Very simple.

We do have a minimum charge of 3.00 for a single item delivery.

We do not charge for extra's or beverages.

For example : You order 2 Burritos, that is $4.50. You order 2 Tacos (as a special, because they are on the menu as a single item), it is $3.00. You order 5 burritos, that is $11.25.

Our current service area for East Vancouver is as follows: Alexander to 25th and Nanaimo to Oak.

* We will extend our service area for bigger orders (8 items or more), provided we think that we can get your food to you while it is hot.