Thursday, March 4, 2010

Enter the Ninja - Die Antwoord - "all up in this interweb"

While reading the Walrus blog I came across an interesting Richard Pollack article on Die Antwoord, a South African hip hop group.

From the article:

Ninja has sculpted, both with his flesh and his music, the ultimate South African. He is everything in the country, “fucked into one person.” That he is willing to go so far to embody this idea is thrillingly, gloriously radical. It is also an essential step for the South African generation tasked with healing, so that future generations can answer Mandela’s question — Can we one day unite and govern outside of race? — with a resounding “yes!” Every time Waddy’s wiry form grips the mike and he channels his “inner coloured,” Die Antwoord become an articulation of the country’s potential. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this, the twentieth anniversary of one of the greatest days the world has ever known.

all photos ©Sean Metelerkamp. His site here.

I recommend going to Die Antwoord's site. The photos are captivating and you can listen to their latest album....which is surprisingly difficult to turn off.

Usually, when it comes to Ninjas....I think of ASK A NINJA first. He's got all the answers.

And don't forget:
"If you don't like funerals don't kick sand in a Ninja's face"


John Hildebrand Photography said...

i have seen them play before sooo great. for sure check them out