Monday, February 8, 2010

An Awesome Showcase - V.I.A.

This should be good. Info here. There are a bunch of fun names on the list.

Ben Tour
Andrew Pommier
Peter Taylor
Sincerely Hana
Jennilee Marigomen
Judah Oakes
Christine McAvoy
Dylan Doubt
Roger Allen
Randy Laybourne
Bob Kronbauer

Kyle Scully
Jonathan Taggart
Sarah Hamilton
Ray Chwartkowski
Chris MacDonald
Calen Knauf
Andrea Wan
Jenny Kim
Ehren Salazar
Scott Radnidge
Colin Moore

Danny Vermette
Phil Yamada
Andy Chung
Jackie Dives
Kelly Litzenberger
Ricardo Trombini Pires
Vincent Chan
Robert Chaplan
Chris Allen
Vince Cook

Damit! I wish my name was on that list.