Monday, November 30, 2009

Hittin' the Links with Kevin and Jennilee

Waaayyyyy back when I first started thinking that I wanted to make a career out of photography (not recommended unless....well, you just know) I sent an email to Kevin Zacher. I initially saw his work in snowboard mags and fell in love (...with his work). Back then you could tell he was so much more than an action sports photographer. It's hard to escape the cliche, but... he captured moments....real life moments and not just dudes launching off cliffs and hitting big booters. I sent Kevin an email asking him a bunch of questions about schooling and the industry and he kindly answered every one of them. Today Kevin is pretty much killing it in the advertising and editorial world.

Basically the entire reason for this post is to mention there's an interview with Kevin over at TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE and to tell you that he's a good guy. You should check it out. If I hired photographers I'd start with him.

His site. His rep.

Thanks for responding to my email Kevin!

©Kevin Zacher

Next up:

Vancouver's Jennilee Marigomen received a nice shout-out @ We Love You So- the accompaniment blog to the Spike Jonze movie, Where the Wild Things Are. Jennilee was recently part of the Tangents show that I spoke of here.

©Jennilee Marigomen (sometimes it's hard seeing a photo that you wish to GOD you would have taken)

...maybe you saw me @ We Love You So back in October? go here.


Me said...

I totally agree Grant, I've loved Kevin Zacher's work since seeing it back in Transworld Snowboarding. Cool to see how he has transitioned it to the commercial world.

jennilee said...

hi grant. thank you for the nice words!

i know that feeling - that is how i feel about some of your work as well.

keep up the great work!

Kevin said...

Yeah Grants thanks for the kind words . Very nice. I just saw this post.