Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Selby + Personal Projects= Major Campaign

Do you know Todd Selby? You must. He shoots people in their personal spaces, creates funky watercolor portraits and does a little interview with each subject. This is what he does....regardless...

...then people hire him to do pretty much exactly the same thing.

Perfect. Right? Getting hired for your style is the perfect position to be in. Selby has a vision and is not just being hired to fill the role of a technician. In fact, technically speaking, what he does isn't that complicated. What's more important is he has a good eye, is probably great with people and gives a unique perspective. This makes for interesting content.

Check out the Nike 6.0 campaign here.

...and while we're at it those watercolors remind me of a friend's record label and their site. It's lovely - Boompa

....which then makes me want to listen to one of the great bands on the label, Woodpigeon. You should listen to them. Our Love is as Tall as the Calgary Tower - That's the name of a song on their soon to be released album, Die Stadt Muzikanten.

At 191 meters, that's a lot of love.