Thursday, October 22, 2009

Latest Georgia Staight Cover - Gavin Evans

The Straight really hit it out of Nat Baily with this one. I was hoping the Nick Cave cover was shot by someone local. Naaaaa.

Gavin Evans is out of London, although you would be hard pressed to find any quick info on his site to tell you this.

With regards to the Nick Cave shoot, this is from Evans' blog:

"Nick chose 11 shots from the session, heaping unbridled praise on one image and blessing me with a quote worthy of my epitaph-

'LOVE this photo. One of my favourite Nick Cave (over 50) photo's. Hey, I'd fuck me!'



Anonymous said...

Just to say re the photo - Gavin Evans' works out of Edinburgh, not London and hails from Sunderland originally. You can follow his blog

Grant Blogs Harder said...

Thanks for straightening that out.