Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep Inside My Sleeping Bag

While planting trees deep in the forests of BC's central interior, bear encounters are not uncommon. Knowing the camp supervisor has a rifle brings only a mild level of comfort while attempting to find sleep within the thin walls of a tent.

Who needs a tent when you can "be" a bear.

Bring in Eiko Ishizawa and her bear sleeping bag sculpture.

From Eiko's website:
...this bear sleeping bag is the metaphor of the changing positions between being eaten by the bear, being a bear, who killed a bear and wearing a bear skin, or who see it and wants to hunt the bear.

She calls it a metaphor. I call it a disguise. Sleep little bear, sleep.
ZZ Top's song 'sleep inside my sleeping bag':

You're afraid of the dark, baby, no need to be shy.
We'll talk about some lovin' while we look at the sky.
Don't be hesitating, it'll be alright,
We'll tuck it in until its clean out of sight.
Slip inside my sleeping bag,
Slip inside my sleeping bag.