Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, as it is. The weekend, as it was.

It's Monday and my shoulders burn from last nights yoga class. It's my own fault as I fell off the yoga wagon a while ago. I'm back.

What happened this weekend?

Saturday night consisted of drinking wine and making a sweet little pouch for my iPod..... which involved sewing. Who knew it would take so much concentration and skill? Thank god for Paige's tutelage and guidence.

The Culture Crawl was mentioned a few posts ago. Sunday was spent wandering in and out of artist's studios. So many studios! My memory is a blur of sculpted, painted, sketched and photographed work. Stand outs from the Parker Studios were the romantically graphic mixed media work of Arleigh Wood and the classic looking painted portraits from Carylann Loeppky. (that sentence was a bit much) There is a portrait of Carylann, from earlier this year, up on my website.

The 300+ artists displaying their work over the weekend are definitely the backbone of the Cuture Crawl, however, it is the community coming together that really makes this event. The streets are literally full of people wandering with coffees in hand and kids in toe, some with wine or hot totties...families and friends coming together. Over 10,000 viewers are said to take part.

We had lunch at the Ukranian Cultural Center yesterday. Perogies! It's all part of the Crawl!


Anonymous said...

Is that top photo a grant harder original?

Grant Blogs Harder said...

ha. no, actually it's a paige gardiner original. i appreciate you pointing this out.