Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Friday


Where have you been? It's Friday afternoon which happens to be the perfect time for a coffee.

With all of the OBAMARAMA happening did you ever stop to wonder who designed this lovely poster:

Well, let me tell you. It was designed by the artist Shepard Fairey. He was, before this piece anyways, known for creating "ANDRE THE GIANT HAS A POSSE" piece. This and other various incarnations have developed a strange cult like following throughout the world. The limited edition Obama posters were created to help promote the now president's campaign. Unfortunately there are no posters left. You used to be able to buy them here. Sold out folks.

From the OBEY website:

In order to do our part to help OBAMA get elected, we started a grassroots campaign on a street postering level and now the OBAMA HOPE image is now part of history. We produced and distributed over 300,000 posters to be placed in windows, front yards, and businesses. We like to think we made a little difference.

In the spirit of OBEY we have a few of these posters left over from the campaign and there is no need to have them postered on the streets anymore so we would like to offer them to you. The proceeds of these posters will be going to efforts to reverse Proposition 8 in California. These posters are signed by Shepard and are $40. We only have a limited quantity left so when they go, they will be gone.

youtube interview....a chat with Perry Ferrell no less: