Thursday, September 11, 2008

Breaking News - Photoshelter Collection Closing it's Doors

Last month I was flying to New York to participate in Photoshelter's Shoot! The Day and today they are closing up shop.....for good. They were open for business for one year. Arguably that is not enough time to establish any type of business. Where will all of the contributors go now? Microstock? Some, probably. The getty animal? Maybe a few. I think many contributors are going to be turned off from presenting their work elsewhere. Many hours and dollars were put into making the Collection work, from the staff at photoshelter to all of the contributors. What am I going to do? I have some ideas and other possible avenues. For me, in the whole scheme of things, this should barely register on the radar of life.

I love what photoshelter stood for. The staff is fantastic. Their blog is addicting (thank god Rachel will be continuing here). You have to give them credit for trying. Here's to optimism in a volatile marketplace!

You can find the official statement here.

There are still two Grant Harder print options available through photoshelter here and here. There isn't much time left!


alittlebirdy said...

Your problems are solved!- move your photos to ImageWarehouse for FREE :-)

Grant Blogs Harder said...

I'm not familiar with Imagewarehouse. Have you had good experiences with them?