Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Work- Tree Planting Revisited

There is a new gallery up on the ghp website. Most of these images were taken during the month of May in the Central Interior of B.C. Many thanks to Dynamic Reforestation and more specifically to Greg's camp for putting up with me and my camera toting ways. I will be continuing this series either next summer or this fall.

I want to give the viewer a good idea of what it is like to spend a summer tree planting with the main focus of the series being the planters themselves. The diverse group of people that planting trees attracts is truly amazing.

Feed back is encouraged from planters and non-planters alike.


Andrew said...

Hey Grant,
I've been meaning to make a comment about your planting work, which is sweet by the way. As someone who has tried to make pictures while also trying to put trees in the ground, I think you've done really well. I know it's not easy. I particularly dig your portrait work. Planting presents such an opportunity to make good images. Hard to beat the intimacy of hanging out with the same group of people for so long and in such diverse conditions.