Sunday, June 8, 2008

Compassionate Eye Foundation

Last summer I had the pleasure of taking part in the Summer Solstice Shoot here in Vancouver. On the day of the solstice photographers, assistants, production teams and many others donate their time for one day to help create images for the Compassionate Eye Foundation. Selects from the images created are made and then submitted to Getty Images. The money earned through stock photography sales then goes towards the foundation. It is an amazing way for the photographic community to aid in positive change. Check out the Compassionate Eye Foundation website to see what has gone on since the first solstice shoot in 2006 and what is in store for 2008.

The vision of this foundation comes from the amazing man/photographer, Robert Kent. I have assisted with Robert semi-regularly for the past year or so. To meet him early on in my career was a fortunate experience. He is successful financially and more importantly he has found a way to create positive change with the use of his photography and business sense.

You can read posts about the foundation on the Canon website here and here.

To view the images to date up on the getty site go here.

I'll post more later too.