Thursday, March 27, 2008

Promo Piece

I just received my promo pieces back from Clubcard. They also printed my business cards. To stick with my commitment to sustainable business practices I had them printed on 100% post consumer paper and printed with vegetable based inks. Here is what Clubcard has to say about their product:

Clubcard Green Cards are 100% post-consumer recycled cards printed on FSC certified 15.5 point uncoated matte Mohawk options smooth, double thick cardstock.
  • Green Cards are printed full colour both sides on a printing press that operates on a dedicated reverse osmosis water plant utilizing a completely alcohol-free print process.
  • Green cards are printed with vegetable based inks that contain limited ozone-damaging petroleum distillates and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)
  • Ink sludge is re-mixed and re-used. Press rags are used for fuel with no VOC's released, and the remaining ash is used in cement products.

    The text/font design was done by Heather at Buddha Branding. I had the pleasure of hiring her company in the fall to do some of the graphic design work for my website and business cards.


If you want a promo piece drop me a line- info at