Sunday, February 3, 2008

Prince George Sandblast

There are so many reasons to love the P-dot. Bring back the Sandblast!

What's Sandblast you ask?

Ones man's garbage is another man's gold', as the saying goes. While the sand may cause problems for some, it provides pleasure for others. The Sand Banks, along the North Nechako River provide skiers one last kick at the cat, come spring. When they have worn out their skis on the two local ski hills, Mt. Tabor, and Purden Mountain, they tune them up for the `Sand Blast'. A yearly event when mayhem overcomes common sense and the skiers fly down the steep sand banks and try to stop before they stumble across the road, into the river."

from Lee A. Wood at

Ok. Now check this out. This is how the cut banks should be used. Nice work Manny.

Prince George Pro Tour Ice Jam