Thursday, February 21, 2008

Papa's Basement

While up in Prince George over Christmas I shot a few photos in my Grandpa's basement, more specifically, in the room that my father grew up in. The green shag throw rug and wood paneling brought me back to forgotten times. My aunt's were over visiting the same morning that I was there. I don't think they quite understood my fascination with the past and my need to document them. The dress was worn by my Auntie Denise to my parents wedding. She was a bridesmaid.

During my visit, while tucked away and concentrating in the back bedroom, I didn't notice that there was a problem with the washing machine. I did hear the sounds of water flowing and didn't think anything of it and passed it off as nothing out of the ordinary. What did tip me off was my aunts running down the stairs. There was some blockage in the system and flooding ensued. As the foundation shifts in older houses flooding water no longer flows in the intended direction- toward the drain. Many towels and some wet feet later most of the water was soaked up.